Special Applications

Pipe insulation

Pipe Insulation is thermal or acoustic insulation used on pipework. Pipe insulation can prevent the following applications: condensation forming, pipe freezing, Energy saving, protection against extreme temperatures, and control of noise.

Geyser insulation

On average, your geyser alone makes up 50% of your electricity usage. Every geyser has built in insulation but you will still find that it is warm to touch, evidence that some heat still escapes. Insulating your geyser will not only ensure that it keeps its heat for longer but will result in big power savings. A Geyser Blanket reduces the heat loss to 1.94 Kwh per 24 hours. Ensuring that your geyser's temperature stays constant will also prolong the life of your thermostat.

We can insulate many different building types such as: Chicken houses, Sheds, Spaza shops and much more.

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