Special Applications.

Pipe Insulation

Our Pipe Insulation products are suitable for all applications within the Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Plumbing sectors. We have pipe lagging for every size of pipe, and we can supply each size in varying insulation thicknesses. This means you can insulate your plumbing pipes at home, or you may be a contractor working on large scale industrial pipes. We have the product to suit your needs! Why not give us a call and we can advise you on the correct size and type of insulation you require.

Geyser insulation

Guide to inspecting & fixing electric, gas or oil fired hot water heaters. Guide to tankless coils, indirect fired water heaters, range boilers. No Hot water? how to get more hot water flow, quantity, performance from your water heater. Water heater synonyms: geyser (non-potable water), calorifier (potable water). Water heater tank synonyms: hot water tank, water heater tank, calorifier tank, geyser tank, water kettle, water cauldron, water pot, water copper, domestic hot water. This page contains links to in-depth articles on inspecting, testing, and repairing problems residential hot water heaters of all types, including their parts, controls, and alternative sources for hot water as well as tips for improving hot water temperature, hot water pressure, and hot water quantity.

Hot Insulation

Thermal Insulation is very important for saving energy costs and maintaining the process fluid temperature at the required level. In case, thermal Insulation is appropriately chosen and used so that it is Non-complaining, Maintenance-free and Patient workhouse, it looks after the economy with tremendous savings in energy costs, the safety of personnel and smoother process control. On the other hand, insufficient or poor insulation or deterioration of existing thermal insulation can be a cause of huge energy loss. The thermal insulation material is also important to achieve low thermal conductivity and low thermal inertia.

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